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There is basic as well as advanced search syntax you can use on Slider to improve the quality of results.
Some of the basic search options are described below.

Exact Phrase Search

You can search for pages containing a specific phrase, by surrounding your query with quotation marks.

Example: "florida vacations"

This feature is rated to be the most useful by people, as it improves the relevancy of search results.

Excluding Keywords

You can exclude a word from the search by putting a minus sign before it. Pages with that word will be excluded from the search results.

Example: search engine -proprietary

Limiting Results to a Site or Domain

Slider allows you to narrow your search down to one or a few sites. For example, to find all documents containing the word bubble on site, type:


In the same way, if you want results from all sites parked at (like,,, you can just type:


You can even use site:org to get results from all .org domains.

Excluding a given site is done in the same way:


Several site: limits can be used together.

Advanced Search Syntax

For advanced search syntax, Click Here.

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