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Advanced Search Syntax

+keyword Results must display the specified keyword to be displayed.
-keyword Excludes all results that contain the specified keyword.
link:url Returns a list of web pages that link to the specified URL. For example, [] will return pages that have one or more links pointing to the home page.
(Note: There must not be a space between the link: and the URL.
title:keyword Displays results where the specified keyword appears in the page title.
site:URL Returns search results from the specified site (domain) only.
For example: toolbar will find pages where "toolbar" is mentioned within the website.
url:keywordDisplays results where the specified keyword appears in the uRL.
image:keyword Returns results where the keyword appears in an image description or filename.
description:keyword Returns results where the specified keyword appears in the META description tag.
Keyword:keyword Returns results where the specified keyword appears in the META keywords tag.
cls:off By default, results are clustered so that only one result per domain is displayed. You can use the cls:off command to turn off clustering and display all results.
filter:off By default, duplicate results are filtered out from the search results. This command disables the filter.

Boolean Search

A boolean search is a search with logical expressions. Expressions can be composed using the AND and OR operators, subexpressions can be grouped using parenthesis. Example:

(some OR any) AND (days OR months OR years)

Subexpressions in parenthesis can be another boolean expression or just a word, a pattern, or a phrase.

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